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Help Me Save These Animals Specifically.

Alex Laskowski

Alex Laskowski

Listen, I need your donations or else these two cats are gonna get it. Yes, this is a hostage-ransom situation. I tried playing nice in the past but this year is all coercion and vague threats. How will they "get it" you ask? Well, I haven't figured that out yet. The truth is one has already passed away, but that just means the threat is double for the other one: Cut his treats down to 20 a day; reduce the kisses I give him to 10 an hour; tell him how much I love him only 5 times a day; brushing? Guess what, it's now only 15 minutes a day! These are all the draconian steps I may take if you don't donate right now! So, unless you want all those horrible ills to fall on my fat old man, get out that check books and credit card and start donating!


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