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Hey it's me Apollo

Lindsey Goodwick

Lindsey Goodwick

So Lindsey had all this stuff in here about her and why you should donate to her page, but I'm taking over her computer and it's about me now. She is on her phone too much anyway. I told her to go look after her kids and I'll take it from here.

Anyway, I'm Apollo. Every day Lindsey brings me to work and I lay in the office being a bum and I LOVE IT. I'm too old to care now. I used to like going to the dog park when I was younger. I also used to chew things up more back then. One time, Lindsey left me in the car for 5 minutes after she had gone grocery shopping and I ate A DOZEN EGGS. Just like that. No problem.

Every year she fundraises for Doggie Dash because she loves animals and she loves me. If you donate to her page, you're helping more pets like me find good homes, get vet care, and stop some bad people from being mean to animals. Can you believe there is such a thing?

Anyway, I'm gonna take a nap now. Thank you again for all your support!


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