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Let me tell you something about Apollo

Lindsey Goodwick

Lindsey Goodwick

Apollo is old. Like 12. Surprisingly he hasn't turned into a smelly, old dog. He is a little less svelte than when I got him, and his face is grayer. When I got him, I was also a more svelte. Look at that pic. Look at how skinny my arms are. That picture was taken in Austin, TX 9 years ago when we were on a road trip and brought Apollo with us. He's been to more states than most humans.

Apollo is my dawg. I don't know how much longer he'll be around for. He fell up the stairs this morning getting excited to go outside. He ran around in the snow last night and then got pretty tired and passed out. I feel pretty tired all the time too. Him and I are simpatico.

Every year I bring him to Doggie Dash and he gets all irritated at all the younger dogs. He pees on everything. But he loves all the people attention. "Look at his tail!" We hear that a lot. He lost the "sit still" contest last year. Thanks Barta. This year, with your help, we will win a contest! Help us help other pets by donating to our Doggie Dash page. Every pet in the shelter is an individual and is waiting for their other half. Help us help them find their person!


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1. Paula Cottrell
I love that you love what you do! It makes me feel better that you are helping our animal pals. Thank you!
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I guess even extortion can help pets.
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Miss that tail!
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Go Linz!
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