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Lauren Wilcox

Lauren Wilcox

Two years before I even contemplated getting Scamp and belonging 110% to a dog, I went to the Oregon Humane Society and picked up Babar - the tiniest, quirkiest little kitten that ever was. For the first few weeks that I had him, he hardly left the safe space of my room. Gradually he would wander further and further down the hallway... until someone would spot him. Then, he'd immediately scurry back down the hall and hide under my bed.

Fast forward a few years, I brought home a big, energetic, playful puppy, Scamp. Scamp desperately wanted Babar to be his friend, and eventually he learned that bounding full-steam in Babar's direction every time he saw him wasn't the way to befriend him. Scamp and Babar eventually came to a mutually acceptable arrangement. Babar was tolerant of Scamp poking him with his nose and grunting at him, and, in return, Scamp came to Babar's rescue when Oscar (the grumpy cat), was giving him the business.

Unfortunately, Babar passed away last week, leaving a nervous quirky cat sized hole in our hearts. Babar was a loyal friend to both me and Scamp. So, this weekend, in Babar's memory, Scamp and I will be participating in Doggie Dash to support the Oregon Humane Society, so that they can save more pets like Babar and find them fur-ever homes. We hope that you'll join us by donating.

Thank you so much!


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1. The Hill Family
Babar was such a great kitty and true friend to you, Scamp and others! We loved knowing him, too! Have fun in the Doggie Dash with Scamp! He's such a wonderful dog!!
2. Chester Hill
3. Lauren Wilcox