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Pets need help now more than ever!!

Betty Norrie

Betty Norrie

Dear friends & family

Like so many things, Doggie Dash, one of our most important fundraisers, has been cancelled again, but the Oregon Humane Society still needs your help! Usually the Doggie Dash is a fun and joyful event, but this year the situation is far more serious.

I understand these are crazy times, and if this isn’t something for you right now, please ignore this email, no regrets or explanation needed!!

Unfortunately because of the financial crisis that we are all in, families may not be able to afford to keep their pets and our services are needed by many many people for who knows how much longer. Hoping to meet this demand we still need to do fundraising to continue our mission of saving lives, finding loving homes & rescuing the abused.
We are still bringing in animals from closed shelters to find them a home here. And, taking food to shelters who are lacking enough.

Anything and everything is appreciated. The furry & the feathered and the people who love them need your help now more than ever.



raised of $2,500 goal

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