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Beverly Scott

Beverly Scott

Throughout my years working in animal welfare, it is rare that I have found a place that accepts as many challenging cases as OHS does. Every day, I work with animals that would face euthanasia at other shelters (if they even made it that far) and OHS has given them the chance to find a loving home.

In my house alone, I have three animals that I adopted from OHS that wouldn’t have made it this far in any normal setting. Critter the rabbit was brought in because he had escaped his enclosure and made it outside somehow where he injured his leg. His previous owners were unable to afford his extensive medical bills so he was surrendered to OHS. Here, the vet staff amputated his leg and his tail (also injured in his little outing) and monitored him to make sure he was recovering well. After getting a gnarly abscess, Critter was hospitalized for over a month and received daily care of cleaning his wound and regular flushing and repacking of the tissue. These are all things that are not normally done for a shelter animal.

There are thousands of stories like Critter’s of animals that have been saved because of OHS’s help. With your donation, we can keep helping animals just like Critter so they can find their own loving home 💕


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