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Pat Bowman

Pat Bowman

The world is enduring an unprecedented health crisis and I send support, hope and love to all of you. This situation is touching each and every one of us.

It is also impacting animal shelters across the country. Many have been forced to close their doors due to coronavirus. Oregon Humane Society (OHS) remains open and dedicated to providing care to homeless pets as they have done for decades.

Many of OHS' largest fundraisers have been cancelled or postponed, including the annual Doggie Dash event. The harsh reality is that OHS is facing a loss of nearly $1 million raised from this event alone. And my Doggie Dash Team Highway To Home is stepping up to help.

About My TEAM HIGHWAY TO HOME (H2H). We are a group of trained volunteers from the Second Chance Program who assist with the intake of animals transported to OHS from other shelters both in Oregon and out of state where they might otherwise be euthanized. We often work late into the night, unloading a truck full of animals that look at you with the most grateful of eyes as you usher them in to safety. It is truly the most rewarding volunteer work I have done. It is my passion and together with other H2H team volunteers, we've donated about 6,000 hours a year to the shelter.

Team H2H was hosting multiple fundraising events to help us reach our team donation goal. Then the health crisis hit, and we had to put our future events on hold.

But OHS is NOT on hold and continues to offer shelter to all kinds of pets in need. And with Doggie Dash, OHS' biggest fundraiser being postponed, we have to dig deep and humbly ask our friends and the community to help, even at a time when things are challenging. Our team is doing all it can, and hopefully you can help, too.

From this page, you can make a safe and secure donation to help support animals. These times are difficult for us all, but we cannot let the most vulnerable among us fall by the wayside. If you are able, please consider making a donation to my team. I am very grateful for your donation and can assure you first-hand that even the smallest amount makes a big difference. I see it every time an animal leaves the shelter for their forever home. It just fills my heart.

Thank you for your support and please be safe out there.

OHS found forever homes for more than 12,000 animals last year—and more than 8,000 came through the Second Chance program covering more than 78,000 miles! Plus OHS the only agency that has full-time humane investigators who fight animal abuse all over Oregon (more than 1,000 cases a year).


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