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Help me and Buddy save animals!

Karen Pelland

Karen Pelland

NEW GOAL— $2,500!!!

DOGGIE DASH IS BACK!! It's been three years, but thankfully this important fundraising event is happening again, in person, and Buddy and I will do that fun thing where dogs can ride the Max train one day out of the year and join the furry crowd down at Tom McCall Waterfront Park to walk, eat, wag tails and sniff butts. And I swear this year Buddy and I WILL win the peanut butter eating contest now that I know the rules. Frankly, we were robbed in the past.

Many of you know my history with OHS, fostering homeless animals to help them gain confidence, weight and good health so they can be adopted into their forever homes. I've taken in doggies, kitties, and who can forget the time I had 15 bunnies in my guest room!

My rugs have taken a beating, and my cats Newman and Dolly can sometimes feel put out, but the cause is too good to worry about my $25 Fred Meyer rugs or a grumpy cat.

OHS moves mountains to save each and every creature.

Gallagher, the white dog in the picture above, required thousands of dollars worth of surgery to repair all sorts of internal damage (likely from abuse) before he came to me. Buddy and I nursed him through recovery, and the little guy is thriving in the nearby home of a good friend.

Little Jack, the orange kitty above, almost died in my care from kitty parvo at the age of 4 weeks, but OHS took him in for round-the-clock care and monitoring until his immune system was able to beat it, since there is no cure. Now Jack and his brother, Walter, live happily in Seattle with another good friend.

Ginger was a love, and I almost adopted her myself. She was an old gal who'd had countless puppies as a breeder dog, never really knowing freedom or love and probably living most of her life in a box. OHS performed two surgeries to remove mammary tumors and spay her, finally. When she came to life and wagged her little tail for the first time, I wanted to cry. I'm so glad she got adopted so quickly.

OHS is able to do all this because of donations. They are not affiliated with any national organizations and receive no tax dollars.

So please donate if you can. Any amount is appreciated. (I'm hoping to break my previous record of $2,000). Your generosity will help animals from all walks of life put the past behind them and enjoy the loving futures they deserve.


Karen and Buddy


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