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Uhh... How did I get here?

Brendan Berger

Brendan Berger

Normally, there would be a welcome message here...


I'm getting ready for the Doggie Dash for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!!! It is amazing what OHS can do, like give dogs (and cats) a second chance. Your donations help the dogs (and the cats, and the horses, and the other animals) get a better life. OHS is cruelty-free which I like!

This was not an advertisement.

If you donate, I will be happy and you would help support those animals.


ALERT! -- NEW GOAL! My goal is now $5000 so I can help provide for the animals!


Hello Fellow Dashers! I am hoping you donate to me so we can support those dogs!* More information is coming soon!


raised of $5,000 goal

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Good luck Brendan!
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Good luck Brendan!
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Have a good time Brendan. Good Luck!
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Good luck Team Stumpy Corgi and Brendan!
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