Team DogGone Dashing - In Memory of Barkley

DogGone Dashing

DogGone Dashing

As you may know, the Oregon Humane Society's Doggie Dash is an event that I've participated for many years (I believe 18 consecutive years and over 20 total) and I look forward to each year. This year is particularly significant to me with the recent loss of my Cairn Terrier, Barkley. My goal this year is to raise $50 for each of Barkley's 15+ years of life for a total of $750. Our team goal is to double that amount.

Whether you can walk with us or kindly donate, I hope many of you will contribute as you are able.

DogGone Dashing - In Memory of Barkley!

DogGone Dashing:
The DogGone Dashing team was created in 2011 with the passing of my Golden Retriever Zoe and has participated in Doggie Dash ever since.

Barkley's Story:
Many of you knew my Golden Retriever Zoe, well when I moved into my rowhouse she needed a friend to keep her company. I started searching for a rescue that would be the perfect fit for our house and I found Barkley. The Cairn rescue posted that he like to play with big dogs and after a little chatting with his rescue Mom we determined it was a perfect fit...and as it turned out it was a match made in heaven! They became the best paw pals! When we got him he was about 2 years old and spend the next 13 years with us.

Barkley was full of spunk, life and energy and that never changed, not even at the very end when his heart murmur and congestive heart failure finally won. He was a fighter and never gave up! He loved being on the water and never missed the opportunity to go on a boat or waverunner ride. He has left a huge hole in our heart but the memories of him are strong.

As the saying goes, who rescued who? Well, its my mission to make sure that as many other rescue dogs get the opportunity to live life to the fullest like he did so please join me in supporting the Oregon Humane Socieity in their mission to help 1000's of other pets find their dream home.

Your donation is greatly heartfelt and appreciated.

Thanks so much for supporting our team, DogGone Dashing - In Memory of Barkley!
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