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Join Me in Helping Pets!

Elaine Marcus

Elaine Marcus

Join me in supporting Doggie Dash, a fundraiser for Oregon Humane Society!

This past year so much has changed for all of us. The OHS shelter has limited the involvement of volunteers to keep everyone safe. But their vital work goes on.

OHS realized early during the pandemic that pet owners needed help and OHS has stepped up to support pet owners around the state. Close to 100,000 pounds of pet food was delivered to shelters and food pantries around the state, and given directly to owners at free pet food banks at OHS.

Animals were brought in from other shelters around the country, and adoptions continued all year, though with a completely new format and process. All this with markedly limited volunteer support.

I hope your pets were a comfort to you through this very challenging past year. I know mine were!

And I'm hoping you'll join me in helping pets from all walks of life. Please donate now!

Thank you so much! 
- Elaine


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