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Elaine Marcus

Elaine Marcus

Most of you know I've been volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society for several years. I love this shelter. We work with animals as long as they need to stay on their way to forever homes. I have been working with the team that brings in animals from crowded shelters in other states. These dogs and cats would not survive long if they stayed where they were. We give them vet care, grooming, socialization, and training to get them ready to be someone's favorite pet. They get walked by volunteers at least twice daily, and get to run and play as much as they need to. Animals who are not quite ready yet get to stay in foster homes until they gain confidence, or are fully healthy.

It warms my heart to see the little, frightened, confused pups that I meet the night they come in turn into happy playful dogs. And then they're gone, home with someone who loves them.

OHS runs entirely on donations from supportive people. Won't you be one of them? Donate today to help save and enhance more lives.


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Thank you are your dedication, hard work and inspiration.
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I appreciate what you do for these little guys
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