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Elaine Marcus

Elaine Marcus

Doggie Dash is the largest annual fundraiser for the Oregon Humane Society, an organization close to my heart. My dog Frida was a rescue I adopted from there, and I have been volunteering there for the last few years.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Doggie Dash is being held entirely online this year. The deadline for donations is October 3, 2020. Though shelter operations have been cut back significantly due to the current situation, and volunteers have not been allowed on site for months, OHS continues to take and and adopt out animals from a variety of situations. Currently we are providing support for shelters effected by the Western wildfires.

I know these times are challenging for all, but if you have the room in you budget, I'm asking if you can donate to support this awesome organization in its mission to rescue, care for and find homes for homeless animals.

Thank you so much! 
- Elaine


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Hugs to all the dogs. May you find forever homes!
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Thanks for helping all the pups!!
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