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Help Me Save Animals!

Hailey Ritters

Hailey Ritters

Doggie Dash is back, and I am joining the pack to save lives.

You know how much I love animals. They provide companionship and comfort, as well as a good laugh when we need it.

That's why I'm fundraising for animals in need at the Oregon Humane Society.

Each year, thousands of pets find loving homes through OHS. Some stay just a few days, while others are there for months.

My previous dog Willow was transferred in from a partner shelter as an urgent medical case. At 10 years old, Willow was obese, needed a dental surgery badly, and had a heart murmur. Willow underwent two surgeries to repair holes in her mouth that had formed from neglected infection. When I was finally able to bring Willow home, I quickly discovered that her trauma wasn't only physical, but emotional. She had an intense fear of her people leaving and would panic anytime we weren't together. She also had insecurities about not being fed and had displayed a lot of "quirky" behaviors that a veterinarian later diagnosed as OCD. Willow had endured so much neglect at the hands of humans, but she was always loving and happy. I was lucky to get almost 2 years with my perfect little ween before she passed peacefully surrounded by her family.

Willow has inspired me to raise more money for animals like her: that have previously been failed and just want someone to love and care for them. Help me honor Willow by donating to my Doggie Dash Page.

Thank you.


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