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Genevieve Davis

Genevieve Davis

Around this same time last year I began working for OHS in the Animal Care department, the 2022 Doggie Dash was in full swing when I started and I signed up right away. I'm excited to have more time this year to fundraise for the animals especially since after a year of working there I know how far that money can go.

Over the past year I have been lucky enough to spend some time working with the behavior animals, we just opened up our brand new behavior center behind the community veterinary hospital. The separate building has given us a nice clamer, quieter environment to help animals work on their behavior and training goals away from the barrage of distractions and stressors at the main shelter. And that is all possible thanks to donors, like you.

But wait! Theres more! Now that we're finishing up at the new buildings we've set up, we are starting construction on the main shelter to make it even better, right now we are remodeling cattery with more to come. Outside of our big projects we are always in need of all the little day to day stuff, the cats always need more cozy beds and crinkly toys and the dogs always need more yummy treats and tough chew toys. Please donate to help us keep doing all that we can for all the animals that come through our doors. We are grateful to have such a wonderful community of volunteers and donors that help our shelter thrive.


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