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I Want It Rat Way

I Want It Rat Way

Doggie Dash isn't just about pups. As much as I love dogs, you all know rats are the most near and dear to my heart. Two of our rats came from Oregon Humane Society. Fern and Kuiper have enriched our lives, and we wouldn't have them without the dedication of OHS staff and volunteers.

OHS helps find homes for thousands of pets every year - big and small. They do this mostly thanks to generous donations from members of the community. Events like this help them keep the doors open, the lights on, the hospital staffed and stocked, and the pets happy and healthy. They offer all kinds of resources to the community as well, from training classes to low-cost spays and neuters, to post-adoption support.

And when it comes to helping abused or neglected pets, they have a whole Investigations team that seeks justice for these animals. OHS really does give a voice to the voiceless.

I'm hoping you'll join me in helping pets from all walks of life. Please donate now! 

Thank you so much! 
- I Want It Rat Way


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