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It’s almost time, please help me reach my goal!

John Gustavsson

John Gustavsson

I'm lacing up my shoes for Doggie Dash! Well, metaphorically speaking, anyway...

You know how much I love animals. Some of you might even call me crazy! But I joined the Oregon Humane Society because not only are they an awesome institution, more importantly, they are EFFECTIVE at what they do.

Help me to help them, JOIN MY TEAM and honor the dogs, cats, birds, horses, rodents, reptiles and even the bees we all love and care for 💕

Thank you so much! 

John & Stuart, Bunsen the Berner, Buddy the cat, Bruce the Eclectus parrot, the Nameless Parakeets, Rango the tortoise, Michelle the dragon, LG the leopard gecko, Humpty, Dumpty and Ethel, the dumpy White’s frogs, Karma Kameleon, Vigoda the crested gecko, Mazorca the corn snake, Buttercup and One Eyed Jack the ball pythons, Matilda the praying mantis, Pedro the spotted salamander, Precious the axoltl, and the Fish

P.S. Want to join me at Doggie Dash? Registration is FREE through March 31. Register today. >>


Puppy picture!

Mother of Dragons, Michelle

Bruce loves berries

Family portrait

My mom and our macaw Raggy ( yes I’ve always been crazy for animals)

Vigoda my rarely seen crested gecko

Best friends...( not really...)

Bruce & Bunsen enjoying the weather

Milton chowing down

My two boys💕


5 years ago today we lost our first dog, Felix. Best dog ever.


Bunsen is dashing to the finish line!

Welcome to Milton, a Russian tortoise and newest member of the zoo


raised of $7,000 goal

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