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Join Me in Helping, in Memory of Bunsen

John Gustavsson

John Gustavsson

Each year, Doggie Dash brings together the power of this community for a common purpose: saving lives.

In these unprecedented times, it is critical that the Oregon Humane Society continues in protecting the safety of the communities they serve and the animals in their care. There are shelters reaching out to OHS for help, pets who need homes, animals waiting for lifesaving surgery and neglect cases that need to be investigated. All donations to the Doggie Dash goes straight to the care of the animals at the shelter.

Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated, the animals need you now more than ever.

Thank you very very much!

John & Stuart
Parker the Bernese Mountain Dog, Buddy the cat, Bruce the Eclectus parrot, the Nameless Parakeets, Rango the red footed tortoise, Milton the Russian tortoise, Michelle the Dragon, Huey, Dewy and Samantha the Dumpy Whites Frogs, Camilla Chameleon, Vigoda the crested gecko, Mazorca the corn snake, Buttercup the ball python and Precious the axoltl


raised of $6,000 goal

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In memory of dear, sweet Bunsen and in celebration of Parker's arrival. Best wishes from Scott & Curvin
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