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Join me in helping pets!

Kandace Henry

Kandace Henry

Join me in supporting Doggie Dash, a fundraiser for Oregon Humane Society!

This past year so much has changed, yet our love of pets is constant. Even with everything that has happened, OHS is still committed to their mission and helping pets and people in need.

The world has had to change in 2020 in response to a global pandemic. COVID-19 and the economic ravages of the pandemic have meant that many people do not have the means to pay for chronic medical needs or emergency care for their pets. We at OHS have been busier than ever as the demand for care has shifted from healthy, easily-adopted pets to those who may need more care or attention before they are ready to find homes. We are seeing more acutely sick and injured pets surrendered by loving owners who are not able to financially afford their necessary care. We are also caring for and rehoming many pets with chronic issues so they can get the attention they need. This year has been a true lesson in adaptability but OHS continues to reach out to help as many animals and people as possible.

And when it comes to helping abused or neglected pets, we have a Humane Law Enforcement team that is in the field, taking extra precautions during COVID, to investigate reports of animals who sometimes are in desperate situations. Sometimes our humane officers are connecting struggling pet owners with lifesaving supplies or resources.

OHS realized early during the pandemic that pet owners needed help and OHS has stepped up to support pet owners around the state. Close to 100,000 pounds of pet food was delivered to shelters and food pantries around the state, and given directly to owners at free pet food banks at OHS. During the wildfires that rages throughout Oregon, OHS coordinated care and temporary housing for animals whose people had been displaced from their own homes.

I hope your pets were a comfort to you through this very challenging past year.

And I'm hoping you'll join me in helping pets from all walks of life. Please donate now if you are in a position to do so.

Thank you so much! And for anyone who donates to my Doggie Dash campaign, I give you ONE FREE PASS to ask me some animal related question about your pets or your mother-in-law's obese dachshund or you neighbors German Shepherd (but can't diagnose your pets over the phone or via email!)
- Kandace


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