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Won't you help me help my friends?

Karen Pelland

Karen Pelland

HEYOOOOO!! It's that time of year again, friends. Mommy and I are once again gearing up for the Oregon Humane Society's Doggie Dash fundraiser!!!

Not only will I get to ride the train downtown again... not only will I get to sniff hundreds of butts... and not only will I get to eat peanut butter and countless treats for no apparent reason, but best of all I will get to raise a TON of money for so many dogs and cats who need my help. They haven't had it as good as I have, and they deserve to have loving homes just like me.

I meet so many dogs at the park who came from OHS, and they always rave about their experiences. They tell me how the on-site hospital people made their boo-boos better, how trainers taught them how to be polite, and how eventually they found their forever humans. And when they show up with a best friend, OHS keeps them together for as long as it takes to find a loving home together. No family separation policies at OHS!!!!

I even met one pup who told me OHS brought them here from far far away after something scary called Hurricane Harvey. And I also heard OHS drove a van down to California and rescued kitties from areas affected by the Camp Fire! They're everywhere!

But all that wonderful work isn't cheap, so I'm hoping you'll join me and Mommy in helping pets from all walks of life find comfort and happiness. Please donate now if you can.


Love and Licks, Buddy


raised of $2,000 goal

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