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Join Me in Helping the Oregon Humane Society!

Kathy Brandeberry

Kathy Brandeberry

Hey Fellow NWP Folks -

As you may have heard, we've developed a PC Team for the Oregon Humane Society's VIRTUAL Doggie Dash this year - woohoo! We know how much our fellow 10th floor officemates love their furry friends, and you also might know how my daughter volunteered for years at OHS, first through their monthly teen club, then as counselor for their Summer Camp. However, you may NOT know just about eleven years ago, we got our family pet - Spark, the grey tabby - from OHS. And, when Spark passed away earlier this year, we adopted Finley - the orange tabby (you can see her above this paragraph, drinking my coffee and helping in my home office)

As you probably already know, OHS is crazy amazing and does so much for pets, owners and our community. In addition to taking in thousands of animals each year, they also provide medical care, spay and neutering services (which also supports the Oregon State University School of Veterinary Medicine by giving new vets a great place to train!), as well as emergency care and assistance for animals involved in the too many to count natural disasters we've been facing lately.

The Doggie Dash - which is virtual this year - is one of the many ways OHS raises much needed funds to support their work. Thank you so much for reading this far... and... if you are so inclined, thanks for making a donation to OHS! If you are interested in donating through the KP Community Giving Campaign, Kelly Dixon has ensured our PC Team will get full credit for your donation AND the match, so just let me know if you need the details.

Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

- Kathryn Brandeberry


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