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Doggie Dash is back, baby!

Kirsten Pontarelli

Kirsten Pontarelli

If you know me well, you know I spend much of my free time volunteering for Oregon Humane Society. On average, about 15 hours a week. What an incredible organization!

One department I am so lucky to be able to volunteer in is the Animal Medical Learning Center - assisting with animals as they wake up from surgery.

Did you know the AMLC at OHS has a partnership with Oregon State University? All of the students who graduate from their Veterinary College first must work for three weeks at OHS learning about shelter medicine and performing lots of life-saving surgeries.

As a not-for-profit, every dollar earned from adoption fees, and every dollar donated goes right back into making OHS the leader in animal welfare in Oregon and beyond.

Please consider supporting my Doggie Dash fundraiser. I promise to bring a little plastic jar to the shelter, in which I will capture some puppy breath to send to you as a thank you! 🐢😜


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