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I'm taking part in the Doggie Dash!

Vinod Pillai

Vinod Pillai

Hi everyone!

My name is Korra. I am a very happy, energetic puppy who loves to play fetch. I also love my humans and my doggie best friends. When I meet them, we run and run and play and play. It's so much fun!

This spring, we decided to run to help other doggies like us! Our humans told us that there are doggies who don't get as much treats and love as we do. We want to help these doggies get as much love as we do. Then they can run and play with us too!

OHS is an organization that helps doggies and cats. They even drove a van down to California and took in cats from areas affected by the Camp Fire. I'm hoping you'll join me in helping these pets. Please donate now! 

Thank you so much! 

Lots of love and licks,


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1. Divya and Arvind
Go Korra!
2. Anonymous
3. Gautham Namasivayam
4. Maya Nair
It’s difficu tignore these cute puppies
5. Anonymous
All the best Korra!!
6. Anonymous
All the best guys!

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