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Lindsay Brade

Lindsay Brade

The past 2 years have been very hard on everyone, including the animals.

OHS is funded 100% by donations. we need your help more than ever to continue to save lives.

Both of my dogs are from OHS. Little Zoe bug (the weight loss queen) was surrendered to us when her owner could not afford to care for her and he had too many animals. I fostered her to help her loose weight without the intent of keeping her. As the pounds shed off and her little personality shined through it became more apparent we were not bringing that little lady back. She just had her 10th birthday and is doing great at keeping the weight off.

Annie was a stray from Klamath Falls. She was brought up to OHS through our Second Chance Program, which is very near and dear to my heart as I have worked these late night transfers to bring in pets from other shelter and give them a second chance. Through this program OHS is able to take in other shelter's population so they do not need to euthanize for space and continue to take in other strays and abandoned animals.

Annie was just suppose to be a weekend visitor to help her recover from a hard spay surgery, but every night she spent with us made it that much more difficult to bring her back in the morning. Her and Scott bonded almost immediately at a time when we both had a HUGE Sandra sized hole in our hearts and souls. She does not fill the whole left from our perfect yellow dog but she does make it less painful and has created a space in our hearts all her own.

We are grateful to OHS for our 2 dogs and for my job. OHS stayed open and kept all of it's jobs during a time when many people were facing incredible uncertainty. All because of donations like yours.


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