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Help me help pets!

Lindsay Brade

Lindsay Brade

Things have been crazy this past year and the animals need our help now more than ever.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have worked at the Oregon Humane Society for over 7 years now. I am very proud of the work we do, even though it can be difficult at times.

Last year during the start of Covid we had to limit our services. During that time we could not have people come to our building except for essential services, which means end of life and cremation services. This was especially crucial because we offer lower cost options to people who would otherwise not be able to afford to end the suffering of their pet or have a way to take care of their furry family member's body. I worked with many of these clients and was able to offer peaceful rainbow bridge crossing and comfort their owners during that time.

In a time when people could not come to us, OHS took to the streets and delivered pallets of food to food banks and other shelters in EVERY county of Oregon. I did a number of those drives making for 12 hour days sometimes. I drove as far east as Ontario and as far south as Klamath Falls. The people were so thankful to be receiving food for their animals they would often times hug me. Which is very sweet because I LOVE hugs and making those types of connections with people but also.... PANDEMIC!!

Then we started opening up to more services, like adoptions and accepting surrendered animals. It was hard getting used to all the new safety measures, but when you work on such a dedicated team you find a way to make things happen and you work together to keep each other safe.

The protests downtown to address systemic racism and inequity were and are hard on everyone, including some of the animals that lived downtown. They were petrified everyday from the police deploying flash bangs, firing munitions and couldn't even go outside from all the tear gas. I spoke with multiple families that felt the best thing they could do for their pet during that time was to surrender them so they could get away from the big booms and clouds of gas every night.

Then the fires came, which were very nerve wracking as OHS mobilized once again to go down to our veterinarian and shelter partners who were in the fire's path, helping them to evacuate all their animals and bring them up to Portland so they could be safe. We sent our emergency animal shelter kennels to the fairgrounds and helped with set up, so people who were evacuating with their animals had a place to go and house their pets. OHS even set up emergency boarding for people that were displaced by the fires.

In the wake of multiple disasters last year OHS stands to continue helping pets and their people through pandemics, racial change, fire and all the other things life throws at you. OHS believes that Black Lives Matter and has dedicated itself to creating a DEI committee, made up of staff and volunteers (including myself) in order to best create a more humane society.

Please consider giving a few dollars to help OHS with our life saving work. We are only able to do all this through donors like you.

Thank you so much! 
- Lindsay


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