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Why Donate? Cider and Teddy - Two Personal Stories This Year!

Lindsay Ford

Lindsay Ford

I'm fundraising for animals in need at the Oregon Humane Society and I would like to share 2 personal stories from this past year, demonstrating the impact this organization has had on the lives of my loved ones, friends and their new furrever pets (in my profile picture)...

Cider the dog happened to be new to the Shelter as part of our "Second Chance Program" when my friend and I were taking our kiddos on a tour of the facility during the holidays. The Second Chance program allows for "hard to adopt" or "overflow" animals at other shelters, to find refuge at OHS and increase their chances of adoption given the resources and scope of our community. Cider was an elderly skinny terrier with a few health issues, from what we were told the owner had surrendered him and Cider had languished for a long time with no family. My friend and her kids fell in love with Cider, and she knew this dog was the perfect companion for her mother and husband. In less than a day at OHS, Cider found a new home. He now has a full body of beautiful hair thanks to good medical care, step stairs in each room to help him snuggle up to his new dog parents, and more love and treats than any pet could dream of!

Another story with a happy ending...

A young community cat from Idaho named Teddy - my husband's aunt was called in by her friends to come and check on a young male that had been fed for months by various neighbors. One day he was very sick, so my husband's aunt took the cat in and found out it had a medical issue that needed to be dealt with asap, but it also unfortunately had FIV. This disease is highly contagious amongst other cats, therefore he needed to find a home with no other pets and be separated from other animals while being treated. She worried about his chances of being adopted in their smaller community given these complicating factors, so her and my husband created a caravan to get Teddy to OHS. Upon arrival, Teddy received the final treatments he needed from the Vet Team to get him ready for adoption, and it only took a few weeks but he too found his furrever home! His new pet parents continue to provide him with the love and ongoing treatments he needs, to become the handsome gentleman he is today.

OHS make a difference beyond our local community, ensuring animals from around the world have the opportunity to find love.

This important work is funded by donations from animal lovers like you, it is not possible for these stories to happen without your support!

I hope you'll join me in helping pets from all walks of life. Please donate now and help me share more stories for years to come.

Woof, Meow, XO
Lindsay, Teddy, Cider...and so many other sweet furry friends


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