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2023 Reasons to Donate!

Lindsay Ford

Lindsay Ford

Hi All! It is that time of year again for Doggie Dash - but bigger than that, it is that time of year again to remember why we support this amazing animal loving organization. I have 2 quick reasons, to help you understand how OHS continues to make an impact in our community:

1) Kids! Kids! Kids!

Teaching the importance of giving back, taking care of those that are not able to advocate for themselves and sharing how we can make a memorable impact. Whether it's teaching Preston's Girl Scout Troop how to make treats, respectfully assist animals that have been abused and may have special needs. Or, always being open to touring family & friends through to share cuddles and the joy animals can bring to our lives - OHS is truly always OPEN! They never stop working, giving, sharing and educating.

2) The FIRST OF IT'S KIND Animal Hospital, Rehabilitation Center and Forensics building opened up this past year to provide free & reduced care to not just Oregon residents but across the country.

- Animal Hospital: offering free & reduced care to families and individuals in the community with the goal to reunite and keep animals with their beloved families vs. asking them to surrender their pets for care. Also, partnering with OSU (go beavs!) to provide scholarships and training for new vets and techs.

- Forensics: we are the only police certified animal welfare service that has the ability to investigate & prosecute animal abuse. We received hundreds of calls per month and we never turn down a call - from birds, horses to guinea pigs - we can help. The crime investigations team as well as the secure / safe forensics area - helps us win cases.

- Rehabilitation: for feral and abused cats & dogs, OHS has created the first of it's kind separate quiet facility for animals to learn basic skills and relax, as well as learn love. From receiving weekly lessons that stairs are not scary, loud noises are ok and cuddles from humans are a good thing - we are continuously working to save more animals across the country.

We have also taken on the Salem Humane Society and with that comes more responsibility and a higher need for support from our community. We rely 100% on grants and donations, consider sharing what you can and help keep our doors open to all!



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