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Join Me in Helping Pets!

Lisa Stevens

Lisa Stevens

On behalf of Tucker & Lucy & about 12,000 pets in 2018 - thank you for donating ❤️
You know how much I love animals.
I'm also dedicated to helping animals who cannot help themselves. Saving pet's lives requires People, Time & Resources, and $$

I signed up for Doggie Dash because they need our help! I volunteer at the Oregon Humane Society, walking dogs, helping with pet behavioral & special projects, fostering cats & dogs, and as part of the experienced team of volunteers for the Second Chance Program (SCP) .

SCP with OHS saved over 8,000 pets from partnering shelters last year. Did you know that OHS never puts time limits on how long pets remain at their shelter? What really touches my heart is when two pets go to OHS and are best friends, they stay for as long as it takes to find a loving home together. 

A lot of people don't know that OHS has an onsite hospital. OHS recently cared for an adorable shepherd mix who was hit by a car and received a lifesaving leg surgery. 

And when it comes to disasters, OHS is also there to help pets. They even drove a van down to California and took in cats from areas affected by the Camp Fire. 

I'm hoping you'll join me in helping pets from all walks of life. Please donate now

Thank you so much!


Tate, adopted in a heartbeat, just over 8 wks & just over 3lbs

Tucker now 10 weeks old, 2lbs, 10oz & a permanent member of my home pack 🐾


baby boy, currently 11 oz

baby boy, currently 12.9 oz

My latest fosters are 2 of a litter of 7 orphaned puppies. They are a small breed, bottle-fed babies, who landed in the shelter at about 1 week of age. I answered the call to care for them. Please make a donation so that more pets like these can be saved, given loving care & a chance for a forever home


raised of $2,000 goal

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I wish I could do more, but I've spent too much on the 'other' fundraiser this month already. Good luck my friend.
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