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Second Chances Abound!

Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson

OHS gets about half of it's animals every year from other shelters.

Many from crowded Oregon shelters, but also helping in areas where disaster hits (Hurricanes, Wildfires, Floods, Tornadoes) Pets who would likely be euthanized come to Portland for a Second Chance.

Indeed, our Second Chance Program has over 20 years of experience, and is a model for similar programs at other shelters.

Our late great Vinnie was a Second Chancer from the Oregon Coast. Lu was a "Reverse Second Chancer!" He was surrendered to OHS, and the behavior folks suggested that Family Dogs New Life might be a better situation for him. Our grand-dog Rufio is a Second Chancer from New Mexico.

We can do this great work without your generous donations, so please give to my Doggie Dash fundraiser this year!


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In honor of Ms. LJs deaf doggo pals, Forest, Quinn/Ghost, and especially Beans!
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Good work, Laura—I’m in!
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The Dogfather of SE Portland salutes you.
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