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Join Me in Helping Pets!

Lynn Esser

Lynn Esser

I promise you I'll only ask once:). Doggie Dash is the Oregon Humane Society's largest annual fundraiser and I'm asking for your help. Since retiring I put in more hours at the Oregon Humane Society than I used to put in at my job and that's for a very important reason--it's a shelter that makes a difference.

Did you know that OHS never puts time limits on how long pets remain at their shelter? What really touches my heart is when two pets go to OHS and are best friends, they stay for as long as it takes to find a loving home together. 

A lot of people don't know that OHS has an onsite hospital. My little Oliver had a double hip surgery performed by our top notch veterinarians before he came to his forever home with me. The picture gives you an idea of just how invasive the surgery was, yet today he walks and runs like a champ.

And when it comes to disasters, OHS is also there to help pets and I experienced this first hand a year and a half ago in St. Croix. Whether it's in our own backyard or half a world away we answer the call.

"Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog the world will change forever". Boy our shelter lives and breathes that quote every single day for every single animal comes through our doors. Please help me continue to fight the fight to make sure every animal finds a place where they are treated like the very special beings that they are.

Thank you so much!


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Recent Donations

1. Jennifer Barta
Thanks for fundraising for the animals, and NEVER leaving us! :) haha no...really!
2. Lynn Esser
3. Cindy Esser
You are so devoted to the cause Lynn....you make a difference
4. Tony And Carol Long
Hopefully you meet your goal Sis! Such a worthy cause you have chosen to dedicate your retirement to.
5. Tim Hurtley
Thank you for everything you do for the shelter and the animals. And thank you for always being there to help.
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