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Join Me in Helping Pets!

Marilyn Happold-Latham

Marilyn Happold-Latham

I'm lacing up my shoes for Doggie Dash!

It's time again to raise funds for the animals at Oregon Humane Society. I have volunteered at OHS for 8 years now and I truly love it. I spend most of my time working with the dogs at the shelter that are part of our Behavior Modification program. These are the dogs that have special behavioral issues and they need time and assistance in helping them gain trust in people and become an adoptable pet. I've been doing this for the past three years and find it very rewarding. In addition I work with our Second Chance Program that brings dogs and cats from other shelters around the country to OHS where they can find a home. If it weren't for OHS many of these animals would end up being euthanized in shelters that have inadequate space for all the dogs in their care. At OHS we never put a limit on the amount of time an animal can stay in the shelter!

This is why I'm taking part in the Oregon Humane Society's Doggie Dash and fundraising for shelter animals who need our help! OHS is a non-profit organization and is supported entirely by donations. We get no state or local funds to operate the shelter.

Will you please make a donation toward my fundraising goal? Any amount helps! You can donate here:

Thanks for your support (and please share my page with your friends)!



raised of $1,700 goal

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