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Join Me in Helping Pets!

Doug Babb

Doug Babb

Please join me in supporting Doggie Dash, a fundraiser for Oregon Humane Society!

I know how much you care for your animals. Not only are they cuddly and cute, but our pets provide companionship, lower our blood pressure, and help keep us active. They help ease anxiety and depression and can even decrease our cholesterol levels. In short, loving animals makes us better humans.

Today, in honor of our precious pets who love us unconditionally, I’m asking you to support countless Oregon pets and the people who love them.

Every year the Oregon Humane Society saves thousands of lives, and as a staff member of OHS, I get to see this work firsthand. We never put a limit on how long a pet remains at the shelter – using our resources to provide lifesaving medical care and training to teach struggling pets how trust so they can move into their loving forever homes!

Our incredible Humane Law Enforcement team continues to investigate reports of animal cruelty and neglect and intervenes when animals and people are in desperate situations. Often the answer is as simple as one of our humane officers connecting struggling pet owners with lifesaving supplies and resources.

In addition to our other work, this past year we realized that pet owners needed more help during the pandemic. OHS stepped up to support pet owners around the state by delivering close to 100,000 pounds of pet food to shelters and food pantries around the state. We also hosted free pet food banks at our shelter.

The love of our animals has been constant through a difficult and unpredictable time. I’m proud to say despite so many challenges, OHS has remained a constant source of help for the animals and our community. Please donate now to give all OHS pets in need a chance at a loving home. They deserve special treats, to snuggle up on a couch, and to purr and wag their tails just like our beloved animals do every day.

Thank you!


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