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Shayna Rogers

Shayna Rogers

On May 13, Ryan, Jack, Jo, Piper, and I will be “running” in Doggie Dash, one of the Oregon Humane Society​'s biggest fundraisers of the year. As those of you who know me can probably guess, I’ve always been a supporter of OHS. But in 2022, I had the privilege to join the organization’s board of directors, and I’ve been blown away by everything that I’ve learned since.

OHS is more than just a place to adopt a family member. It’s a community animal hospital for folks who can’t afford market rates for veterinary care. It’s a tactical volunteer team that rescues trapped, stranded, and injured animals in remote wilderness areas or other emergency situations. It’s a group of humane educators that teach public school students to love and respect animals. It’s a legislative advocacy organization that lobbies for stronger animal welfare laws. It’s even a team of sworn police officers that investigate crimes against animals.

OHS does all of this – even the humane investigations – with no public funding. Instead, the organization relies exclusively on donor support to fund its operations.

I’m not much of a natural fundraiser, but I’m making an exception this year. If you’re looking for ways to support animals and animal-lovers here in Oregon, I encourage you to consider a donation to OHS. And if you’re so inclined, I would be especially grateful for your support of my Doggie Dash team!


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