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Join Me in Helping Oregon Humane Society help Pets!

Pat Anderson

Pat Anderson

I'm looking forward to my second Doggie Dash to raise money for OHS!

I am amazed at all the ways that OHS helps animals, from finding suitable new families for dogs and cats from other shelters, to speaking up in Salem for those who can't speak for themselves. One of my favorite areas to volunteer is Behavior Modification, where I work with extra-scared or easily overstimulated dogs. They get the help they need to be ready for adoption.

OHS doesn't put time limits on how long pets remain at their shelter. We keep bonded pets together even though it takes longer to find them a home. 

I'm hoping you'll join me in supporting all kinds of pets; each has their own story.

Thank you so much!


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The volunteering you do at the Oregon Humane Society is inspiring.
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Get that hoodie!
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