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Join Me in Helping Pets, Even Cats

Millie Bernatovicz

Millie Bernatovicz

Who's ready for some pancakes, puppies, and running through puddles (hopefully not provided by the puppies) at this year's Doggie Dash? Quinn is!

Every year the Oregon Humane Society hosts the Doggie Dash to raise funds to help animals in need. This includes finding homes for dogs like Quinn, but also extends to operating an onsite hospital, community outreach programs, and providing emergency services to pets displaced by natural disasters.

Did you know that they also have a proposal to rid Portland's power lines of villainous squirrels and clear the backyard skies of threatening birds? What? They don't? Well, no one tell Quinn, that's why he thinks he's running.

On a serious note, this is an amazing organization that provides invaluable services for communities and the pets they love. That's why I'm hoping you'll join me in supporting the Oregon Humane Society through a donation. 

Thank you so much!


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1. Millie Bernatovicz
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4. Andy Bernatovicz
So proud of you Millie. Keep doing good work.
5. Amy Fager
Go Quinn!!!
6. Elizabeth Parker
Go Millie & Quinny!!!

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