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Helping Shelter Pets is the BEST

Sarah Yusavitz

Sarah Yusavitz

Hi friends -

I'm fundraising for the Oregon Humane Society again by participating in Doggie Dash!

If you're on my page, you probably know that I don't just work at OHS, but I volunteer at the shelter as well. While I love my job and the fact that I help raise money for animals in need, I LOVE volunteering and spending time with the dogs (and some cats!) who are lucky enough to land at OHS for a bit.

They're lucky because they get showered with affection and receive the best care at OHS while they wait to become adopted. They're lucky because they can stay in the shelter as long as it takes until the right family comes along. I'M lucky that I get to meet these pets and get to know them a bit before they go on to their forever homes.

What does your donation do the for animals at OHS? So much! Your support provides food ($50 feeds 28 animals for one day!), veterinary care, supplies, and the resources to keep the shelter operating and saving thousands of lives each year (our goal for 2021 is 11,000 pets!)

When you donate to my page, I will send you a personalized Thank You message from a shelter pet so that you can see exactly who you are helping.

Thanks in advance for your support!
- Sarah


raised of $1,500 goal

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1. Jeffrey Frasier
2. Amanda Gleason
From one OHS volunteer to another - thank you! I <3 your IG stories and always vote for the chomp. Happy dashing!
3. Allie & Arthur Delaney
4. Cassie Dykes
5. Richard And Jeannie Yusavitz
Sarah, We are so proud of the work you do, as an employee and as a volunteer, to help the pets who arrive and reside at OHS. Love you! Dad and Mom
6. Nick Edelman
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