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A Tale of Three Pups

Barb Cushway

Barb Cushway

The Oregon Humane Society saves lives...for real!

This last year (2019) was the year of the foster puppies at our house. We had 3 moms and total of 26 puppies pass through our doors. It was an amazing year with a happy ending, but the outcome could have been much different had it not been for the dedicated work of the OHS medical team.

Our last batch of puppies came to our home a week before Thanksgiving. Within a day of their arriving at our house, we noticed that one pup was not feeling well. A trip into the medical center confirmed our worst fear-this puppy was really sick! We returned home alone, leaving pup #1 in care of the med team. We watched our other two puppies like hawks, and sure enough, pretty soon puppy #2 took a quick turn for the worse. We rushed her to OHS and, once again, returned home alone. By this time our hearts were breaking. We watched our third and only puppy night and day. I spent Thanksgiving at home, unwilling to leave her alone for even a few hours in case she, too, got sick. Several more days passed and she seemed to be doing fine. We thought perhaps she wasn't going to get sick. A quick check in with the medical team told us her siblings were still very ill, but were holding on.

And then came the day when our third and final puppy got sick. Another rushed trip to the medical center, another puppy left, another trip home alone. I'm sure outpatient services got tired of me asking how our puppies were doing, but I needed to know they were going to make it! One by one, the word came back: they were going to be okay!

My point to this rather long story? These precious puppies would not have survived without the incredible care from our medical staff. I know that for a fact, because puppies with parvo don't survive on their own. 

Yes, the Oregon Humane Society does save lives, and Thomas, Lucy, and Sarah, pictured above, are proof that its not just a cliché.

On behalf of these three sweet pups, I invite you to become a life saver and donate to my Doggie Dash page. Because every puppy deserves a chance to live.

Thanks for letting me share my heart-



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