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Scooter and Noah doing the Dash!

Noah Center

Noah Center

Scooter and I are doing the Doggie Dash this year!

Along with the PDX Metro Pack Walks crew, we are helping raise money for the Humane Society with this hilariously fun event. But we need your help!

No donation is too small, since if you give too much it would be weird. But this is no-kill shelter and part of the story how Scooter and I came to be best friends. If you want to join us for the dash, let me know I can get you into the Pack as well!

Much Love and wet kisses,
Noah and Scooter


Congratulations! You've raised at least $500 for the pets at Oregon Humane Society and earned VIP Fundraiser Status. As a VIP, you'll receive access to the following perks at Doggie Dash this Saturday, May 11: Luxury bathrooms provided by Royal Throne Complimentary coffee and pastries provided by Starbucks Complimentary vegan granola bars and fruit Comfy seating Head to the VIP Tent at Doggie Dash between 7:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. to bask in the glory of helping pets in need. Thanks to Terry Morrison/Stifel for sponsoring the VIP Tent.


Scooter and I will be down at the Waterfront Park starting at 8:30am this Saturday, if you can make it down will be a blast, all ages. Text me 503-798-3534 to sync up and coffee is on me!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, I am blown away by your generosity!! We have reached our goal of $500 which literally feeds every pet in the system for almost 2 weeks! That is a huge impact folks, thank you truly.


Scooter like to float the river too.

Scooter is gifted with ears. I call him foxbat.

I love the couch as much as the trail!

First day I got Scooter, he seemed ok with that!


raised of $500 goal

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All the best at the doggie dash!
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Dash with class!!!
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30 minutes or less or you owe me a donation! Lol! Have fun amigo
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