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Join Me in Helping Pets!

Alicia Adams

Alicia Adams

We are lacing up our shoes and readying our paws for Doggie Dash!

While working in the veterinary field for the last 10 years, I have seen many animals adopted from shelters and ‘rescues’ from all over the country. Time and again, these pets do not have the basic preventative care that companion animals need to be healthy. Or worse, the ‘rescue’ they adopted from was not truthful about the animal, its health, or are no longer reachable if a problem arises. This is a frustrating, and unfortunately, all too common problem we see at the veterinary clinic.

I decided to fundraise for the Oregon Humane Society because they have always been a trusted organization to adopt a pet companion from and have a state-of-the-art medical facility to insure their animals are appropriately cared for.

The medical care animals receive at OHS is excellent and thorough, they have a training and behavior department, and offer many other programs/classes and benefits to the community. Because of the Oregon Humane Society’s quality dedication to animals they are my top recommendation for pet owners.

OHS is a nonprofit organization that is supported by donations from animal lovers like you and I. Without our support OHS would not be able to find homes for over 11,000 animals each year.

OHS is trustworthy, provides quality care, and deserves our support! I'm hoping you'll join me in helping pets from all walks of life. Please donate today! 

Thank you so much!

-Alicia Adams, Certified Veterinary Technician


Because shelter pets deserve loving homes.


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Thank you Alicia for letting us know about the doggie dash, happy to help!
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Kobi and Ole support you in your walk to help animals! You rock!

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