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I've Changed My Animal-Saving Ways!

Barb Cushway

Barb Cushway

Doggie Dash is back, but I'm not! At least, I'm not back as an OHS employee! As some of you have heard, I retired from OHS in February of this year. "What!?" you may say. Yes, it's true, but I have not retired from my love for helping animals! So this year I am dashing (virtually, as I will be volunteering at the Dash!) to celebrate the finish of 19 years working at OHS and the beginning of volunteering!

Please join me as I raise funds for the wonderful organization that provided me with a job that brought much joy and fulfillment to my life and ushered over 3 generations of pets into our family! (Not to mention the hundreds of foster pets that called our place home for a time.)

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