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Brian August

Brian August

To say 2020 has been a challenging year would be an understatement. Through it all I'm so proud and thankful for the team we have at the Oregon Humane Society. We have been able to respond to COVID-19 and ensure that our community continues to receive the vital services we provide. When the wildfires hit, we sprang into action distributing food and supplies and sending out teams to help at many of the area evacuation points. We transferred animals in from shelter across the state to ensure they were better able to respond to their community needs. We opened up our doors for temporary boarding for those community members who were forced to leave due to the fires.

Our teams are tired, stretched and uncertain of the future - but one thing hasn't wavered, saying yes and helping more. This is where you come in. OHS relies entirely on donors like you to fund our services, we receive no tax dollars to support our efforts in the community. Every dollar you are able to give helps us do more, to say yes when asked for help, and ensures that pets and their families in the community have access to services, brings in pets from other communities whose resources are stressed to the breaking point, and helps us follow our mission of creating a more humane society.

Please consider the huge impact even a small gift can have on the lives of pets and their families. Join me in supporting the Oregon Humane Society and together we can continue to make Oregon a shining example of how we can create a more humane society, for everyone.


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