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Join us in honoring Bourbon (team Peaches + Bourbon)

Cynthia Lindsley

Cynthia Lindsley

This past year has been hard, but one thing that's been constant in our home has been the love of our fur babies. However, tragedy hit the Lindsley household last week when our beloved Bourbon bunny unexpectedly hopped over the rainbow. Our hearts are broken. There simply are not enough specialists in Oregon who focus on bunnies and no explanation for his passing. He was loved more than measurable and is deeply missed already.

Bunnies have had a special place in my heart from a young age. Even as an infant and little girl my stuffed bunny (obviously named Bunny🐰) and I were inseparable. Later on I adopted a little paralyzed bun named Pocus and spoiled him with the best possible life in the short span I was told he may live. (I have no doubt he and Bourbon must be hopping around together now). Pocus showed me that though my love for animals was deep, it was small animals that would hold a huge place in my heart. So I actively volunteered at the Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene for several years in their small animal department specializing in bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, and sometimes even birds. It took over 10 years of patience until we were able to add Beignet and Bourbon to our family in 2020 right before the pandemic hit. In times of huge challenges, our four animals have continued to provide us with so much love and support.

So, I realize this is Doggie Dash, and we actively are running with our puppers; but this year we are dashing in honor of Bourbon - our little gentleman and true 'mama's boy'. We hope that his sweet little life can be celebrated by many this spring.

Thank you so much!
- Cindy, Kyle, GiGi, Graham, + Beignet


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