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Join Me in Helping dogs!

Corah Bogdanoff

Corah Bogdanoff

My dad will double donations up to the goal ($500).

We want to help all the dogs. We got our dog at the Oregon Humane Society and we want other people to get dogs there too. Our dog Rosie is great and there are other great dogs too! Please help us raise money for the Oregon Humane Society.


Good night, Rosie

Hug time!

We're getting hot

Rosie loves this tree!

Rosie and me preparing for the Doggie Dash. We went to Powell Butte.


Rosie being cute on a log

Rosie being cute on a walk

Rosie being adorable at the agility course


raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. Mark Bogdanoff
Great job, Corah
2. Lyndsey Moulds
I'm so happy you're raising money for good pals like Rosie.
3. Jonah Edwards
Yay dogs!
4. Liene VÄ“rzemnieks
Thanks for helping support adoption!
5. Doug Hanke
You can do it!
6. Kirsten Haberer
Thanks for helping all of the pups!