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Dash to Help Rescue Animals!

Eve Grissinger

Eve Grissinger

Doggie Dash 2023 is officially on its way! As a newer Portlander and an even newer member of the Oregon Humane Society staff, I'm very excited for my first Doggie Dash!

The long and short is that this is all for the animals. The animals we are lucky enough to bring into our lives provide companionship and comfort, laughs and love - and let's be real, occasionally frustration and annoyance! But we love them all the same, if not more so. They deserve champions who help them find the best chances for amazing lives - and that's where we come in!

Doggie Dash, beyond being an amazing and fun event, is a fundraiser for animals in need at Oregon Humane Society.

Each year, thousands of pets find loving homes through OHS. Some stay just a few days, while others are there for months. I'm lucky to be part of the team helping find their perfect homes, providing the animals their best chance at the best new life, and the families the right new family member for their own environments and needs.

I hope you'll join me in helping pets from all walks, runs, and hops of life. Please donate to help support these animals finding their forever families!

- Eve


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