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Join Me in Helping Pets just like Aden!

Eleena Fikhman

Eleena Fikhman

Hey Everybody!

This year I'm dashing for Aden. For those of you that don't know, Aden was my long-time foster dog who stayed with me for just over 2.5 years.

Why so long, you ask? Well, Aden has a very special story.

Aden was rescued in September 2017 along with 25 other dogs from a neglectful situation. These dogs were living in outdoor areas, some in trailers, some in pens, some just out in the elements. They had limited access to food and clean water. Some were just 6-8 week old puppies.

I suspect Aden was anywhere from 1-3 years old at the time of his rescue. He was found alone in a pen, completely shut down and terrified. Luckily, OHS was able to step in and assist with this case and brought the dogs to our facility for some much needed TLC.

I took Aden home to foster in September 2018 - one whole year after he and his dog pals were taken into custody! He was so scared, so shut down, so trembly, so wide eyed. I knew I had to help him, however I could.

We took it day by day, and over the course of the first few weeks he got more and more comfortable. And then, next thing you know, 2.5 years passed and the case finally closed and he could go up for adoption!

By the time Aden went up for adoption, he was able to give and accept affection, zoom around the yard and sniff a few select, novel people. He now has the best family and will continue blossoming into the amazing dog I know he is.

Please join me this year to help more pets like Aden!

Thank you,



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