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Peter is doing the Doggie Dash!

Dawn Murai

Dawn Murai

Join me in supporting Doggie Dash, a fundraiser for Oregon Humane Society!

As many of you know, I often describe Peter as a 'humane society special' - until very recently we didn't know what breed he was and it really didn't matter because he's just a sweet pup. But if you are dying to know...turns out he is cocker spaniel, italian greyhound, and westhighland terrier. Go figure!

I also say he came to us by fate. With two 'holds' on him already at the Oregon Humane Society. I didn't think I would get the call that we could adopt him - but we did and here we are 13 years later.

Through the years we have heard him bark and whine his way through many drives and social gatherings. But we have also had him greet us every day when we come home with a toy to say hello. His love for his sisters, Logan (the human one) and Kauai (the pupper one) is unconditional. Each morning is spent sleeping on Logan's bed until she wakes up and sleeping in my office with Kauai during the work day.

This past year, the little murmur he had as a puppy started to change and so Peter now is lucky to be able to enjoy a wonderful quality of life thanks to the cardiology team at Heart of Oregon.

So what better way to celebrate Peter's 13th birthday then by doing the Doggie Dash. He is going to walk (albeit a little more slowly) his way to raise money so other pups can bring joy to other families.

Hope you will join Peter and I as we dash our way through the miles.


raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. CS Sheffield
Great Job Dawn! Awesome organization to donate to.
2. Dave & Karin Haag
Cheers to The Pete! We've loved having him as our neighbor ♥
3. Diane Kunstel
4. Gale Murai
5. Kerry Bates
6. Aimee Stohler
Way to go Peter! Keep up the good work and love that you are helping a wonderful organization.