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Kristi LaHaye

Kristi LaHaye

I volunteer at Oregon Humane Society (OHS) on a team as a dog walker. I also work with Placement Prep dogs that need a little extra help adjusting to life. I just received my credentials to deploy with ASCPA and FEMA to help animals suffering from disasters, like the fires in CA. However, my greatest passion is the work I do for the Second Chance Program (SCP).

SCP was established in 1997 in an effort to help shelters in Oregon and Southern Washington – which may have less space, fewer resources and fewer visitors to their shelter –place highly adoptable animals in to homes. OHS received over 135,000 visitors to the shelter last year and over 12,000 animals were adopted. A RECORD! More than 7,000 of those animals came from shelters in our Second Chance Program. The program has grown over the years and now works with over 90 shelters and rescue groups all with the same goal in mind – to save lives! The program has created a win/win situation for the transfer partner shelters by allowing them to place animals that otherwise could have been euthanized. The Second Chance program enables OHS to serve a larger community of animals and people. Watch Amanda to the Rescue on TV? If you do, you might have seen me in Episode 2. Yup, we work with this rescue org, too! And Fetch Fido a Flight from Oklahoma.

SCP takes in animals from shelters in CA, including Fresno, Madera, Merced, Oakland & Sacramento. My dog, Lewis, came through the SCP from Oakland, CA. Last year, our Second Chance Highway To Home fundraising team came in FIRST PLACE for fundraising. It’s not a competition to win for our team, but for the animals ❤️

Please donate to me, for our team, and mostly for the animals. Without the SCP, Lewis might not grace this planet, let alone be a loving part of our family. All animals deserve what Lewis has. He’d agree!

Thank you.

OH! Did you know that OHS never puts time limits on how long pets remain at the shelter?

Hey California Friends, we even had a van drive down and take in animals from areas affected by the Camp Fire!!


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