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In loving memory of Lucky

Anika Moje

Anika Moje

My beloved Lucky passed away in July. When I adopted him, I was already a volunteer at OHS, and he became my frequent office companion once I became an employee some 10 years ago.

OHS has been a constant not just for those of us who volunteer and work there, but for the animals & people who depend on the many services OHS offers in our community and beyond.

This hasn't changed even in the midst of a pandemic - OHS is still there to help and support pets & people in need during even these most challenging times.

This is not an easy time to ask for money, but I hope you will consider donating to OHS in Lucky's memory so that the important work OHS does can continue.



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Donation in honor of Lucky
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Miss your sweet boy so much, Love that you have this here in his memory♥️
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6. Franz Moje
Für unseren Lieblingshund Lucky
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