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What's a Lu to Do?

Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson

Herro -
I iz Lu. I took ova dis page. 2020 just keeps gettin' what Lady calls "weirder." Last week we haz the smokes. Now, I'z a huntin' dawg with a sensitive nose, and mahn it was burnin' ! I had to go blow bubbles in my water bowl after going outside!

Lady sez lotsa peeples lost their homes and lots of pets lost their homz and maybe even their humans. But her frienz at OHS have figured how to help.

Dey send OHSTAR and EAS certified folks to help in relocation centers to help take care of animals AND people who have lost their homz. OHS peeples have helped with injured pets, are housing pets for displaced folks, and helping other shelters deal with the influx of pets from folks who may be displaced, either short or long term. Teams have been distributing pet food, cat litter,and even arranging medical help at some of the relocation centers in our area.

So please, give a donashun today!

(dang, I hate it when he steals my keyboard! LJ)


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Lu! Corky here! Want to case squirrels? How about ball? I love ball!
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Thank you to OHS for my Second Chance all those years ago.
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