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Help me save lives!

Mayan Roberts

Mayan Roberts

I’ve worked, volunteered, and supported the Oregon Humane Society throughout the years and I’m excited to get back to it this year! To that end you’ll find me at the OHS Doggie Dash festival on May 11!

Working at OHS I personally experienced the heart wrenching fact that each pet that comes through the Oregon Humane Society doesn’t have a family, doesn’t have a home. For the time they are there, OHS is their temporary home; and while they are there the workers and volunteers give them anything they can to make their lives just a little easier.

OHS has an onsite hospital that performs daily surgeries that improve the health and quality of life for thousands of animals that pass through their doors. They also train their volunteers and employees for disaster response and were part of the relief crew that helped with the Camp Fire in California.

This shelter is special because they never put time limits on how long animals stay at their shelter—they are there as long as it takes to find a forever home. Not to mention that OHS supported entirely by donations! They receive no tax dollars from the government and depend on donations from the public to keep operating.

I am asking you to help me save a life. Even $10 makes a difference (can you go without 2 coffee’s from Starbucks this week?).

$25: Vaccinates 12 puppies
$50: Supports one day of care for a pet
$75: Feeds 6 shelter pets for a week
$150: Spays/neuters 5 cats
$500: Provides medical care for two injured animals
$1,000: Transports 24 at-risk pets from smaller shelters

“Saving the life of one dog may not change the world, but the world will surely change forever for that one dog.”

Thank you for helping me change the lives of so many animals!

P.S. Want to join me at Doggie Dash? Registration is FREE through March 31. Register today. >> secure.oregonhumane.org/doggiedash/Account/Register
Our team name is The Crate Escapers!


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Hope it helps!

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