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Fundraising for the Animals!

Nicole Lutton

Nicole Lutton

Y'all know how I love animals, AND love working at the Oregon Humane Society. OHS helps save and improve the lives of thousands of animals each year, making our community a better place for pets and the people that love them.

More than 11,000 pets are adopted from OHS each year, but OHS's work goes beyond animal adoptions. The Second Chance program saves the lives of thousands of pets by transporting them from overcrowded shelters to OHS, where these animals are quickly adopted. Advanced veterinary care is given to both shelter pets, as well as owned pets through the Spay & Save program, helping keep animals healthy, happy, and preventing pet overpopulation in the Portland-area. OHS Investigations teach the public proper animal care and rescue animals from cruelty and neglect.

There is so much more OHS is doing to help pets and people in Portland, Oregon, and beyond. Please join me helping animals in need by donating now.

Thank you so much! 
- Nicole


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1. Elva Lutton
From David and Elva Lutton in honor of Squiggle
2. Allie Smith
Thanks for everything you do to help animals, both at work and personally! <3
3. Fred Triest
To the greatest vegan ever!
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