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Kindness Matters

Rachel Gene

Rachel Gene

Have you ever wished this world was a kinder place?

Are you like me and think our animal companions are experts on unconditional love, kindness, forgiveness and resilience?

Did you know I, along with a team of people at Oregon Humane Society, are devoted to creating a more humane society for us all?

My role within this mission is to lead a team that reaches over 14,000 children each year with the message of kindness and compassion for all. Not only does Oregon Humane Society care about the pets of today, we also care about animals we may never meet. We do this by teaching kids the character traits they need to be kind and compassionate leaders and citizens. And we do it in partnership with those that know unconditional love the best- the animals.

Please consider donating to support OHS programs like Humane Education. Your donation is an investment in not only the pets of today, but the leaders, advocates and citizens of our future.

Thank you for considering!

Yours for a more humane society,
Rachel Gene


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